Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home!

Your house is on fire and your treasures will burn!
(A bit of poetic license)

Back dating to February 27, 2016

A peaceful Saturday.  Expecting guests for dinner.  The house was clean, the table set, and the guests were bringing the main course. Best kind of guests to have!

I had prepared the bread, salad and dessert. Everything was ready, so I decided to take a wee nap.  George was in the den watching golf.

I was awakened from the nap hearing George yell, "come and help me put out this fire"


I ran down the stairs, barefoot and without my glasses, to see him heading toward the door to the garage with a big of water.  

What fire say I.  Then I turned the corner!  Oh, that fire!  There was a blaze at the front of the garage about two feet tall.  My reaction was Get out of the house, NOW!  I grabbed the phone on the way out, calling 911!

This is Georges story.  

He was watching tv and heard a small explosion.  First thought was that a tree limb had fallen on the house so he went outside to look.  Didn't see anything on
the roof, but did see smoke coming from the garage so went back inside and opened the door and saw a small fire. 
That is when he yelled for my help and ran for water.  

By the time we exited the house there were people in the street, cell phones in action, calling for help.

George quickly moved our cars and had barely moved them before we were surrounded by fire engines, an ambulance, a police car, Fox News and several "ambulance chaser " builder representatives.

We were later told by the fire chief that a fire doubles in size every 7 seconds!  And indeed it did!

(And now I want to add photos.  But my computer is gone and my iPad won't cooperate and although this blogspot says "add pictures from phone" the pictures on the phone are not showing up.  Now what!

I'll get back to you!

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