Saturday, August 18, 2012

Suffering Thru a Tired On
And living to Blog about it!~!

Oh come on now – you have all been there.  Just plain tired.

  My grandmother would say “worn to a frazzle”. 

Tired of the heat – our hottest summer on record “they” say
I believe them.

Tired of the mess.  Trying to convert a garage into my studio.  Which means moving boxes of “stuff” and armloads of  “ things” from an upstairs bedroom to the new and not yet perfect studio. Of course it would go a lot faster if not for the discoveries! 

  When did I buy that - or should that be those?

along with why did I buy that?

And the really big – Do I still need that?

Or this?

Above all, tired of thinking.  Where does this go? Will I use that?  Does this still work? 

 Never mind that during all this time I was busily trying to set up a Blog, design a postcard, figure out how to size and move photos- and deal with more than the usual number of I things. So far I’ve managed IMac, I phone and I pod and I think that is remarkable for a “lady of years”. (Ok -I admit I did have a bit of tech support)

Just let me say this tho - I am not that fond of the I Ron and until someone designs a remote for it - the clothes stay in the basket!!!

Even tiredness comes with some measure of benefits. A new, more comfortable chair  at my computer desk has allowed me to spend more time resizing photos .  Here are a few resized shots of some of the wonderful art you will be able to view at Savor the Arts on September 15.  (It's that segue thing again!!)

Bill Turner's Wood Carvings
Nancy Wall's fish sculpture

Lynn Kelley's Painted Gourd

Thanks for listening to me whine.  Just remember this - Self Pity is Better Than No Pity At All!!!


I knew I needed those things!!!!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Publicity 101

Thins are moving right along - that's scary.  Venue is rented, top notch artists busy creating wonderful things, postcard designed, printed and in hand.

Now to get the word out to the public.

  Along with mailing postcards to old friends from our last show and to new friends we have met,  several have asked for digital postcards - what?

I can't find that in the How To book.  It has been suggested that I can print the card here and people can use this to send to their friends?  We'll see!!!

Postcard for Savor the Arts 2012

Back side of Postcard

The card features a art by Noreen Dobrantz - Angela Stroup - Catherine Mein - Chris Pascuzzi - Carolyn Rhoads and Lynn Kelley.  All my best friends - goes without saying.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone at all ever reads this Blog.  This will be the test for sure.  If you are able to use this card - please let me know!!

I read that the conclusion to anything occurs when you are tired of thinking - and I am -

until next time!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Peninsula Fine Arts Center

 Those of us living in Tidewater Virginia have the opportunity to belong to the Peninsula Fine Arts Center – better known as PFAC. Please check the PFAC website – you will be amazed at the paths you can follow to:
 Step into art!

Compliments of my best friend and TAG member, Terry Snyder

In addition to offering members the chance to enlarge their art education by viewing an ever-changing array of exhibitions, we may also take classes in painting, pottery, drawing, art appreciation and more.  And –should we become proficient in our endeavors - we have the opportunity to showcase our efforts in the Gallery Shop.

A plug for the writer - my best seller in the shop by far!!

The Gallery Shop is one of the hidden wonders of our Peninsula.  I am always amazed when I meet someone who does not know of all the hand crafted, artist originals available for purchase in the shop.

Small sample of what you will find in the shop.  

Now  please meet  several of my best friends – all met through PFAC and all who will be exhibiting at Savor The Arts in September.

Getting pretty good at this segue stuff, aren’t I?

My best friend Terry Cox-Joseph divides her time between painting Italian Tiles and fun paintings using acrylics, watercolor and airbrush. Her art appears on the small – greeting cards, book covers, and websites – and the large - including wall murals and Norfolk’s “Mermaids on Parade – and on this Blog – imagine that!

In addition to PFAC, Terry is an artist member of Blue Skies Gallery in Hampton.  Did I mention murals?

My best friend Catherine Mein and I first connected at the Art and Soul Retreat in Hampton – Catherine is the fearless leader of our Tidewater Art Guild.  You may view her art in the Gallery Shop and several galleries in Virginia Beach. 

This is just a taste - Wouldn't you know just as she was preparing to send me pics and facts  her house was struck by lightening and she had no power at all.  Okay - that's what she told me and it sounded better than "the dog ate it".  

My best friend Lynne Oglesby is a potter extraordinaire.  In addition to creating wonderful works of art, she shares her love of pottery by teaching class at PFAC.  Not only will you be able to view and purchase her work at Savor the Arts – you will also be able to lean about her classes and perhaps sign up for a few!!!  Her pottery is featured in the photo above taken in the Gallery Shop and also in this pic.

Yes, I realize this is excessive coverage of the necklace - however, I did not receive photos of Lynne's work so I snapped this shot, and the one above, in he Gallery Shop while she was busy doing jury duty!

Beginning to understand why I love this place?  PFAC is filled with inspiration and opportunities to meet those who inspire.
And you may meet all the above face to face when you attend Savor the Arts.

And this is only the beginning – I am truly amazed at the number of best friends I have met through PFAC. Does this sound like bragging? So be it!

 You first met my best friend Angela in a previous Blog.  My best friend Harriet is yet to be met.  I had intended to show you pictures of some of her glamorous jewelry today.   Unfortunately, during the past storm my electricity went out - for just a few seconds - and I lost my complete email program - along with her email and pictures of her jewelry.  (Does this sound a lot like my best friend Catherine's story?  I told you we were soul mates!)
Stay tuned – you will be meeting more of my best friends in Blogs to come!!

I trust I have managed to stay on track with this writing.  All about PFAC artists – right!  Sometimes my mind wanders!!

Fortunately it is too weak to go far!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dealing With The World – Online

Better know in this household as “Please pass the Prozac!”

Seems every step forward I make in understanding how to master all the many advantages of the world wide web lead to two steps backward for a very simple thing.

Several years ago a middle school class I was teaching at church talked me into joining Face Book.  I didn’t post much but it was fun to read what they were doing – and no – I didn’t tell their parents.

Now that I am promoting Savor The Arts I find Face Book to be a valuable tool. I can post pictures or furnish links and I can also make comments on anything I choose.  Or can I?

I post comments – I click like, and share and I am quite happy with myself – except the comments never show up – anywhere, for anyone to read, or appreciate.  Where do they go? I read the dummy book – I asked friends, no one could give me any advice on the matter.
And then a child, a young guileless child, looked at me –( it was one of those askance looks again) – and said – “hit enter”  Enter? - Enter?    Enter?
Yes, I am shouting – sorry – and – please pass the Prozac – again!

So now I can post comments – you may wish she had never told me how to do it.

Moving on to how to post a link to this site when I leave a comment – only every time the link comes up – so does a picture of my best friend Noreen’s jacket.

Goes without saying – it is a beautiful jacket – and very pleasing to the eye – but it is not the Savor the Arts logo.

I am going to need some help on this.  Wait – I hear children laughing – They are right in the yard next door –
Help is at hand – I’ll get back to you on this! – With pictures!