Sunday, July 14, 2013


All about a picture being worth 1000 words

We left NYC with great anticipation, knowing there would be a layover in PARIS

How fast can I get to the Capucchino and petit  pain avec chocolat!!!!!

If you must have a layover - this is definitely the place.  Way beyond good - in fact -


We were greeted in Morocco with bells, drums and, of course


The perfect place for George to take a walk - while I shop

        and shop

and shop

And even in the Sahara

I shop

(OK - so that really wasn't George walking - but didn't the gentleman look like him?)

After shopping came the storks for pure amazement.    Thank goodness for zoom lens as they were high up on the roof tops.

As we approached the buildings where they had made their nests you would hear the most incredible  noise - clack, clack, clack.  

It was their warning to stay away from their nests and their young.  I was told that the clack, clack  noise is where the Arabians learned their warning call.

And the famous goats in trees - never  to be forgotten!!  The trees are the Argon trees and the goats love to eat the fruit - or nuts actually - of the trees.  This picture was snapped from the bus and unfortunately you cannot see that they are about six feet up in the air.  

Not so fond of this example of local pets - but you know you had to see it  just once!

YAY - I found the full length shot!

 Lots of entertainment - wherever you went  - 

The water sellers - always willing to pose  (for a wee tip of course)

The Souk

The carpets

The pay telephone and mail box

And we finally made it to our hotel  in Rabat - and this is the elevator door!!!

Where to tomorrow - Perhaps we will find a Kasbah!!

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