Monday, April 15, 2013

Asleep at the Wheel

Oh dear – was it in October that I last posted?
I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle – looking around to see what happened during my wee nap. Decided to check out my iPhoto for clues – and this is what I found:

My best friend Patty and I opened a shop in Plantiques in Hilton Village (for those uninformed among us – a small, historic and quaint section – in the City of Newport News, Virginia)

Several weeks were spent painting, stocking – arranging and then rearranging.

All accomplished with one hand on the cell phone as I anxiously awaited the birth of a brand new great granddaughter.
Of course the call came right in the middle of the second coat of paint and I dashed off to
Welcome Miss Abigail Lindsey Edwards into the tribe.

All together now – AHH – how sweet!

And three days later it was Thanksgiving – with a little extra to be thankful for.

Never ones to sit around and be bored, we cleaned up the dishes,(with help from granddaughter Amie) disposed of the leftovers, jumped in the car and drove to NJ.  (Much less expensive than airport parking lots to leave your car in the care of relatives, take a limo to JFK and board Air France for the first leg of our flight to Morocco)

That said, it is now rather late at night and I trust you will stop back tomorrow to see which direction we took!!

And now - go to sleep - your dreams are waiting.

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