Friday, October 26, 2012

Here I Go Again

Somewhere along the way I seemed to have missed summer and the start of fall.   So busy with co-promoting and exhibiting in Savor The Arts that time just flew by - and most of my energy must have accompanied it.

After spending so many hours on the computer,  I felt the need to get away from it all - and get away I did.  Only when I heard faint cries and whines coming from the computer did I realize how shamefully I had neglected my Blog.   And then my fingers started twitching.  No chains to make - no pendants to attach - and what about the earrings?   And the paint brushes - how sad they look, tucked away into their little jars far away from all the luscious paints.  Artists just cannot retire.  It is in your blood and there is no walking away from creating.

My best friend Patty also retired.  I first met Patty when I wandered into her bead shop and found the most  artful selection of beads that I had ever seen.  After about 15 minutes of talking our auras became completely enmeshed and  we knew we were destined to become fast friends.  I ended up teaching classes in her shop and we often spoke of having "play dates" when we had the time.   Now, after 20 years spent owning her own bead shop she has handed over the key to a new owner.  I gave up exhibiting at art shows several years ago and we are both free at last and able to just sit back and take it easy.  Or Not.

Because life without art is just plain boring.  We are destined to create - ideas are spinning in our heads - techniques we have learned along the way- supplies ready to be used.  And the "stuff" we have accumulated over the year -  stacks and stacks of stuff.  Because we knew we would need it someday.

After much brain storming we decided that "someday" is actually "now".  Patty has been associated with Plantiques for several years.  And I have shopped there for many years.  Seems only natural that we pool our talents - and our stuff - and take off on another artful adventure.

For those of you in Tidewater Virginia - Plantiques is located in the historic Hilton Village area.  An elderly but  charming (much like myself?) house owned by my new best friend Pam Phillips (not to be confused with my best friend Pam White).

Located in Newport News, VA at 10377 Warwick Blvd. it is a dream come true for a day of antiquing - lunching - and strolling down the boulevard to visit the other shops along the way.  As you walk up to the door, along a brick path surrounded by flowers and herbs, you feel you are in an English garden.

Once inside you will find two stories of rooms - each individually furnished by by those of us drawn to the fields of antiquing and art.

My best friend Nora's space bears the name "The British Connection" - and British she is.  Nora travels back to England quite often and oh - the finds she brings back!!!

I just might mention that Nora also makes scones the way they should be made and If you are lucky enough to secure a reservation for one of the Plantiques teas you can taste for yourself.
More about the teas in my next Blog - but save the date November 10!!!!!

Another favorite space is the reading room.

And a lady I have yet to meet, but in my mind she is The Princess of Paper!

A small sample of the lovely things she creates from paper!!  Come see for yourself the wonders she has made!!

And just to tempt you a bit more - - 

One last thing - The space called Loverly.  I have not met the talented ladies who have this room - but oh - those lamp work beads - and the jewelry they make!

Okay - I'll get to the point!!!  Patty and I have decided to join in and are very busy preparing our room for a grand opening in November.  Patty's husband Bob is our valuable aide in getting the room together

The green - which doesn't look too bad in the pictures - but in person - bilious - had to go.  Bob has installed pegboards for us and we are busily covering the walls in - what else - patterns and a few other things.

 Bob and Patty discuss things to come - do you think Bob is dubious???  Or is he saying - "Where did you meet her?"    Patty looks a bit concerned also - don't you think?

We  really will have it all together by November 1.  And to tempt you to pay us a visit - On November 10 we will be hosting a trunk show - the date coincides with Pam's high tea - would suggest you make your reservations quickly for that - and we would surely love it if our friends would pay us a visit.  In addition to showing our wares we are planning on teaching days - make it and take it days - and days for just plain fun.

If you would like to join in the fun please leave us your email and you will be notified of all events.

Retirement?  Hey - if you rest - you rust!!!

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